"The Town that Moved" mural - Viking Genetics Building

This playful mural design centres around Tallangatta's history of being the 'town that moved'.

In 1956, more than 100 buildings were moved 8 km west to Bolga, the site of Tallangatta's new location, while great number were left behind to be flooded by the expansion of the Hume Weir.

The use of a muted mid-century colour palette reflects Australia in the 1950s and complements the streetscape.

The design both tells a story and creates a fun public artwork which encourages interaction from passers-by.

Represented in this design are the following buildings from Old Tallangatta: L Reynolds Engineer, the saleyards, Soldiers Memorial Hall, and buildings which were relocated - the Crispin Family Home, the Primary School and the first house to be moved.

The buildings tumble on a blue background, incorporating stylised lines representing the floodwater from the Hume Weir, the reason for the relocation.

Tallangatta is rich with stories from the past and one story tells of the money that was found under houses once they had been removed. Pennies were the currency used in the 1950s and are represented here by bronze coloured circles.