The Boat Shed Lake Hume 

1 Ray Welsh Drive Lake Hume Village New South Wales
08:00 - 15:00
09:42 - 09:42
09:42 - 09:42
11:30 - 20:30
11:30 - 20:30
11:30 - 20:30

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The Boat Shed is the ultimate destination for those in the pursuit of sun, modern Australian-inspired lunches and lakeside weekends.

Lake Hume’s expansive, casual chic outdoor space is the perfect backdrop for a long, lazy meal with a view.

The style is elegant and refined with its soft, neutral colour palette. Coastal and casual, the Hampton's interior design style has come to represent elegant and relaxed lakeshore living. A lush garden, bespoke lighting and chairs and a colour scheme in contemporary stripes of white, light grey and navy await you.

Perfect for your next function, wedding or event, The Boat Shed Lake Hume is a unique and wonderful space.